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In 2007 through several life changing experiences led Annie Gorayeb to decided to create an organization of unique women bound together for the purpose of building a support group to work with the children and young adults at the Homeless Assistance Shelters.
That is how the dream of "Fabulous Women Doing Fabulous Things" was inspired.


Encourage, Empower and Educate children and young adults in these facilities.

Working with children and young adults living at the Homeless Assistance Shelters provides is a huge opportunity for people like you and me to help those whose lives are most vulnerable (CHILDREN) by giving them the hope and support they need to begin the long difficult transition to a new life and self-sufficiency.
Imagine moving abruptly out of a familiar environment and entering a new system of rules and expectations. For a child the experience is nothing short of devastating.
By facilitating preventive services to our most vulnerable children and young adults and advocating and supporting their needs and challenges we can help them combat an otherwise impossible task for them to accomplish.
Through the concentrated efforts of the growing number Fabulous Women that are joining our organization, we as a group are committed to those children and young adults to help them become productive members of society and accomplish their dreams.

It is our belief that…Working Together we can Make an Impact!